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iiS Fast Track Room Booking Features
Users of iiS software span the globe and range from multi-national financial institutions to small engineering consultants.  Here are just a few testimonials from the ever-expanding iiS client list:
"The FastTrack Room Booking solution was initially deployed at our head office in Kings Cross. The application was so successful we rolled it out across all of our UK offices."
    Michael Bryant EC Harris
"iiS and Fast Track Room Booking have played a major role in the Bank of Scotland (Ireland) Retail Programmes success. Fast Track Room Booking is undoubtedly one of, if not the best, off-the-shelf electronic booking systems around."
    Paul Morriss, Bank of Scotland (Ireland) Ltd Consultant.
"It provides an excellent fit to the requirements of our room booking community. iiS have responded well to our requests to tailor the system, and my team is able to rely on iiS support as part of a quality solution"
    Stephen Higton, Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd
"Our old room scheduling software canít even compare to the iiS system. iiS has greatly reduced our Meeting Room booking costs and has provided faultless support"
Services Manager, Global Financial Services Corporation
"The software has much improved the transparency of internal requests and virtually eliminated paper flow from that part of the procedure. The project has been deemed a complete success"
    Bob Mac Cormick, Institute of Cancer Research
"It (iiS Room Booking software) is the best thing I've been responsible for buying in Facilities in the last five years"
    Trevor Thomas, Scottish Widows Investment Partners
"It has been the most successful computer project within our service area in the past six years, to my knowledge. It has performed well, is easily understood and has substantially improved our service to our clients"
    Stuart Anderson MRICS, Portsmouth City Council
"Having worked with most of the FM based systems on the market, we have found it to be far superior in terms of features, quality and operation. The fact that we have so much confidence in the system, is the reason why we entrust our most prestigious contracts to its care"
    Chief Technology Officer, Servus Facilities Management