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Interactive Meeting Room Digital Signage
Digital Signage provides invaluable information, and helps raise Room Utilisation by reducing No-Shows, and providing for "book now" and "meeting finished early" indications. All interaction is in Real Time, with live database access. Inexpensive ANDROID TABLETS can be utilised, dramatically lowering the overall cost of utilising Digital Signage.
Whereas many organisations have a front desk “plasma screen view” of the day’s meetings, individual meeting room digital signage has been a relatively expensive option, even though a significant return on  investment can be achieved by focusing on real time recording of
    check-ins, no-shows and by-the-minute room availability.
One of the cost issues associated with individual meeting room digital signage has been the short cycle of obsolescence associated with hardware which has a very specific intended use. Replacing hardware every 2 to 4 years can mean the associated costs quickly become more than the combined other costs of system deployment.

iiS has focussed on Android Tablets, which are inexpensive and essentially a commodity item. Organisations can vary the size and quality of the tablets, depending on whether they are used for display, “big button interface”, or full user interface with typing.

There has never been a better time to realise the benefits associated with individual meeting room digital signage, such as check-ins, No-Show logging by any admin staff (as opposed to expensively nominated “floor walkers”), early finish indication, instant bookings, etc. The increase in Room Utilisation percentage can be quite measurable, and can impact bottom-line facilities costs as more meetings are held in the same space.

For further information about Interactive Meeting Room Digital Signage, please contact iiS or an iiS official partner, or email us at
  Meeting Room Digital Signage Hardware

There are a number of ways to enable "at a glance" information within the bookable estate. Probably the simplest approach is to use a large screen (such as a Plasma screen) using a PC browser in the reception area. Visitor booking info is available at a glance.

There have long been specialist touch-screen PC's, but these have tended to be relatively expensive, somewhat proprietary, and have a short obsolescence cycle.

Recently, there has been an explosion in tablet devices, driven by industry leaders such as Apple and Samsung. Google's Android operating system has caused a huge standardisation, and the associated cost reduction: fully functional Android tablets can be purchased for £100, and deluxe models for about £250.